The Best Gel Guns

Sherry Carter
16 min readApr 19, 2024



Get ready to dive into the world of Gel Guns! If you’re looking for a fun, action-packed activity that won’t break the bank or leave a mess, look no further. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top Gel Guns on the market, their features, pros, cons, and everything else you need to know to make an informed decision. So, grab your favorite beverage, and let’s get started on our Gel Gun adventure!

The Top 10 Best Gel Guns

  1. Nerf Pro Gelfire Gel Gun Legion — Experience intense gel gun battles with the advanced and hydrated Nerf Pro Gelfire Legion, providing highly-capacitated and fast-firing ammunition for maximum impact.
  2. Xshot Clutch Blaster: Hyper Gel Cannon for Unbeatable Fun — Xshot’s X-Shot Hyper Gel Petit Cannon: Manual prime and eco-friendly, perfect for a fun and safe foam battle experience!
  3. Gel Zone Pro Hydrax Motorized Gel Bead Blaster — Eco-Friendly Gel Blasters for Exciting Games — Experience non-stop gel blaster action with the Gel Zone Pro Hydrax Motorized Gel Bead Blaster, offering an impressive 500-round capacity, 160-foot blast range, and safe, eco-friendly gameplay with Gel Zone Pro Eyegear included!
  4. Nerf Gel Gun Blaster for Safe Combat Play — The Nerf Pro Gelfire Ignitor Blaster is a powerful, hydrated round single-fire blaster that delivers high-performance and ignites your competitive edge, with included protective eyewear and instructions.
  5. Exciting Multi-Functional Rifle, Water Balls Internal Ammo Reservoir, Safe and Full Auto, Long Range Shooting Fun — The Splat R Ball SRB370 Water Blasting Gun combines a 375 water ball ammo reservoir, full range selector, and shooting capabilities of up to 135 feet per second for an immersive and exciting water play experience.
  6. Splat-R-Ball 400-Round Water Bead Blaster Gun — Unleash the ultimate gel blast fun with SplatRBall SRB400 Water Bead Blaster Kit, offering full-auto firing rate, rechargeable battery, and made with high-quality ABS and Nylon composite body. Ideal for ages 14 and up!
  7. Dude Perfect Endorsed Splat-R-Ball Blaster Kit for Kids — The Splat-R-Ball Dude Perfect Blaster Kit is a Dude Perfect-approved toy that fires 10 water projectiles per second, comes with a sling clip, safety glasses, rechargeable battery, and 1000 rounds of ammo for epic day and night blasting fun!
  8. Exciting Gel Blaster Surge Splat Gun for Kids and Adults — Experience the adrenaline rush with Gel Blaster Surge, the ultimate dart gun perfect for kids aged 9 and above. Experience seamless performance and impressive accuracy, all wrapped in a sleek, durable design!
  9. Glowing Gel Blaster for Eco-Friendly Indoor Fun — Blast into the night with the Gel Blaster Surge XL Day ’n’ Nite Water Bead Blaster, featuring a glow-in-the-dark activator and eco-friendly gellets for mess-free, fun-filled battles.
  10. Gel Blaster Surge: Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Splatter Ball Gun with Floyd Mayweather Edition — Experience unparalleled excitement with the exceptional Gel Blaster Surge Mayweather Edition, limited edition and designed to provide a mess-free, eco-friendly Gellets experience for an enthralling adventure in championship gold.

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Nerf Pro Gelfire Gel Gun Legion


Step into an action-packed battle with the Nerf Pro Gelfire Legion. This innovative blaster boasts hydrated rounds that burst upon impact, providing a safer and more engaging experience for kids of all ages. With a massive-capacity, prepare for high-performance blasting that will elevate your competitive spirit.

The Gelfire rounds come dehydrated in the box, giving you a generous amount for multiple refills. Simply add water to hydrate the rounds, and watch them fire from the blaster at a high velocity, bursting when they hit their target. The Gelfire Legion blaster is a fantastic alternative to traditional Nerf guns, particularly for families with younger children, and its sturdy build ensures it withstands numerous battles.

The included, protective eye wear adds an extra layer of safety to your playtime, making it a top choice for outdoor fun.

Xshot Clutch Blaster: Hyper Gel Cannon for Unbeatable Fun


Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the Xshot Petit Cannon, and let me tell you, it’s a unique and fun addition to my collection of gel guns. The first thing that stood out to me was the manual slide to prime mechanism — there’s no need for batteries! It was such a refreshing change from traditional gel guns that require batteries.

One of the things I loved about the Petit Cannon was its non-toxic, eco-safe Hyper Gel Pellets. All you need to do is add water and let the pellets hydrate, and you’re ready to go! The fact that they don’t stain made cleanup a breeze, which is always a plus.

While the Petit Cannon had a 100 pellet capacity via its inner hopper, it also had an additional 400 pellet capacity mag, making it a versatile gel gun for both casual and serious players. With its design excellence, market-leading quality, and unbeatable prices, the Xshot Petit Cannon is definitely worth adding to your gel gun collection.

Gel Zone Pro Hydrax Motorized Gel Bead Blaster — Eco-Friendly Gel Blasters for Exciting Games


Prepare to dominate the field with the Gel Zone Pro Hydrax Motorized Gel Bead Blaster. This impressive blaster is perfect for thrill-seekers aged 14 and up, offering a powerful and full-auto shooting experience. With dimensions of 12 inches high by 15 inches wide by 2.5 inches deep, it fits perfectly in your hands and provides a stunning compact design.

Equipped with a quick-fill hopper capable of holding 500 rounds at once, the Hydrax allows you to maintain momentum on the battlefield. It features an astonishing blasting mechanism capable of sending beads flying up to 160 feet and unleashing a whopping 7 beads per second. The blaster also comes with 1000 dehydrated gel beads, giving you two rounds of unrivaled bead-bursting action.

Simply soak the beads for 4 hours or more using the included hydration pouch, fill the top-load hopper, and hit the field. Gel beads expand to 7.5mm when soaked, burst on impact for mess-free gameplay, and are compatible with most leading brands. The Hydrax even comes with a rechargeable battery, so you’ll never be left without power during intense battles.

Experience unmatched safety with the Gel Zone Pro Eyegear, featuring a sleek and comfortable design. Gel beads are perfect for a clean and eco-friendly experience, making this blaster a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts. So, suit up and prepare for a gel-blasting adventure like no other with the Gel Zone Pro Hydrax Motorized Gel Bead Blaster.

Nerf Gel Gun Blaster for Safe Combat Play


Get ready for an intense game of blasting with the Nerf Pro Gelfire Ignitor Blaster. This powerful, compact blaster will have you firing rounds that burst on impact, providing you with a competitive edge.

With its single fire mechanism, it’s perfect for a range of ages from 14 and up. Simply add water to the super absorbent polymer projectiles, and prepare yourself for some high-performance action. Each set comes complete with the blaster, protective eyewear, and instructions — all you need to ignite your competitive spirit!

Exciting Multi-Functional Rifle, Water Balls Internal Ammo Reservoir, Safe and Full Auto, Long Range Shooting Fun


I’ve been using the Splat R Ball SRB370 Water Baster for quite some time now, and it’s been a fun addition to my summer playtime. The 375 water balls internal ammo reservoir ensures that I never run out of ammo mid-game, while the two-position selector lets me switch between safe and full-auto modes effortlessly. The range is impressive too, reaching up to 135 feet per second.

One of my favorite features is how it shoots soft, non-staining water balls that break on impact, making cleanup a breeze. However, I did experience some issues with missing parts. Overall, the Splat R Ball SRB370 Water Baster has been a great companion for water fights, and I’m excited to see how it performs in future encounters.

Splat-R-Ball 400-Round Water Bead Blaster Gun


I recently tried out the SplatRBall SRB400 Water Bead Blaster Kit and let me tell you, it’s one fun piece of equipment! The kit comes with a semi-auto and full-auto firing modes, making it perfect for anyone who loves a good shootout. The 400 round magazine ensures that you won’t run out of ammo too quickly, and it’s compatible with 7.5mm water bead ammunition, which is a nice touch.

One of the things that stood out to me was how easy it was to set up. The instructions were clear and concise, and I had my kids blasting away in no time. Another highlight is the rechargeable battery that allows the Blaster to shoot at a speed of 200 feet per second — definitely some impressive firepower!

However, on the downside, some users have reported issues with the magazine breaking or malfunctioning, so be sure to handle it with care. Additionally, the Blaster can be a bit heavy, so it’s not the best choice for younger kids or those with weaker wrists.

Overall, I think the SplatRBall SRB400 Water Bead Blaster Kit is a great gift for anyone looking for some fun outdoor entertainment. Just remember to follow the safety guidelines and always treat others with respect and consideration when playing.

Dude Perfect Endorsed Splat-R-Ball Blaster Kit for Kids


I recently got my hands on the Splat-R-Ball Dude Perfect Blaster Kit, a fun and exciting game endorsed by the Dude Perfect gang. This blaster kit firing official SplatRBall ammo that is non-toxic and comes in a glow-in-the-dark variety. The best thing? It holds up to a whopping 400 rounds!

Setting it up was a breeze, thanks to its battery-operated mechanism, so we could start playing almost immediately. Plus, the rechargeable battery and charging cord provided made it more environmentally friendly. We also appreciated the safety glasses that came in the kit, ensuring a secure play session.

One thing that really stood out for me was the speed and power of this blaster. It fires at an impressive rate of up to 10 soft water balls per second on full auto. It was an instant hit with my kids who spent hours going on a blasting spree. It’s perfect for day and night games. Plus, the glow-in-the-dark ammo gives it a cool sci-fi twist.

However, we did feel a slight sting when hit by the water balls, but that’s a small price to pay for hours of unadulterated fun. Plus, the sting wasn’t as harsh as with airsoft beads. All in all, the Splat-R-Ball Dude Perfect Blaster Kit has been a fantastic purchase and a sure-shot hit with my family.

Exciting Gel Blaster Surge Splat Gun for Kids and Adults


I recently got my hands on the Gel Blaster Surge, and it has been a total game-changer in my family’s outdoor playtime! The moment my kids first laid eyes on it, they were beyond excited and couldn’t wait to give it a try. I was delighted to see that this blaster is recommended for kids as young as 9 years old, which made it an excellent choice for the whole family to enjoy together.

One of the features that struck me right off the bat was the blaster’s sleek and sturdy design. As soon as I held it, I could tell that it was made to last, and its 2022 release means that it benefits from all the latest technological advancements. Moreover, the visual appeal of this Gel Blaster is top-notch, with vibrant colors and a unique design that sets it apart from your run-of-the-mill toy dart guns.

The actual firing mechanism proved to be extremely easy to use, even for my youngest daughter who is just 5 years old. With simple, intuitive controls, this blaster ensured that every member of my family could participate in the fun without any confusion or frustration. Plus, the fact that it fires soft darts made it much safer than traditional paintball or airsoft guns, alleviating any concerns I had about potential accidents or injuries.

Another fantastic aspect of the Gel Blaster Surge is its incredible performance. The darts it fires can reach a truly impressive distance of up to 100 feet, making it an absolute blast to engage in target practice or mock combat scenarios with our friends and family members.

On the downside, I did find that the Gel Blaster Surge’s battery life wasn’t quite as long as I had hoped for. While it does boast a high capacity and the battery indicator serves as a useful reminder of when it’s time to recharge, I still wish it could have gone a bit longer between charges. However, this is a relatively minor inconvenience when considering the impressive features and overall enjoyment this blaster provides.

In conclusion, the Gel Blaster Surge has been an absolute hit in my family, and I couldn’t be happier with our purchase. It has brought us countless hours of laughter, entertainment, and outdoor fun, making it a perfect addition to our collection of toy dart guns.

Glowing Gel Blaster for Eco-Friendly Indoor Fun


The Surge XL Gel Blaster offers an impressive shooting experience with its adjustable velocity settings, reaching distances of up to 250 feet per second. The Day ’n’ Nite edition comes equipped with a Starfire Activator, a feature that utilizes UV lighting technology to transform gellets into glowing tracers that are sure to mesmerize. The toy blaster boasts eco-friendly, water-based Gellets, which disintegrate upon impact, leaving minimal residue behind. The included hopper allows for easy and quick loading, ensuring continuous gameplay without frequent reloads.

Designed for both casual and competitive players, the Surge XL Gel Blaster guarantees mess-free fun indoors or outdoors. Its user-friendly interface and adjustable speed make it an ideal choice for both newcomers and experienced gel blaster enthusiasts. The blaster is recommended for individuals aged 14 to 99 years and is a perfect addition for birthday gifts, family gatherings, or simply an entertaining pastime.

Gel Blaster Surge: Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Splatter Ball Gun with Floyd Mayweather Edition


Experience the ultimate outdoor adventure with the Gel Blaster GBSTMT1 Surge Toy Gellet Eco-Friendly Blaster, Gold. This limited edition release is a collaboration between Gel Blaster LLC and Floyd Mayweather’s TMT lifestyle brand. Floyd’s golden logo and the number ‘50’ on the blaster represent his iconic boxing record. The 10,000 diamond-mirrored Gellets make you feel like a real-life champion.

After playing with it all summer, my kids and I couldn’t resist the thrill of firing these water-based Gellets. The biodegradable and non-toxic nature made me feel good as a parent, knowing we’re not harming the environment. Plus, the Gellets evaporate instantly, leaving no mess or clean-up — a true win-win!

One thing we noticed is that the blaster does require a battery, and replacement ones can be hard to find. However, we’re okay with that since it’s such an amazing way to spend time outdoors. And with all the accessories available, we’re always finding new ways to enjoy our Gel Blaster. So, whether you’re looking for a fun game to play or a way to promote your outdoor spirit, the Surge Toy Gellet Eco-Friendly Blaster, Gold, is the perfect choice for you.

Buyer’s Guide

Choose the right gel gun to make your water gun experience even more thrilling. Check out our buyer’s guide for gel guns, which includes information on critical features and considerations.


Important Features

When selecting a gel gun, consider the following features that can enhance your water-gun experience and ensure its longevity:

  1. Size and style of the water gun 2. Type of gel material used 3. Durability and build quality 4. Shooting distance and accuracy 5. Safety features and design 6. Battery life and rechargeability.

Considerations Before Purchase

Before making a purchase, contemplate the following factors:

  1. The age and skill level of the user 2. The environment where the gel gun will be used 3. Personal preferences and budget 4. Safety concerns and potential damage to property 5. The specific features you desire, such as gel type or shooting distance.

General Advice

To get the most value from your gel gun, follow these tips:

  1. Properly maintain and clean your gel gun after each use 2. Replace worn or damaged parts as needed to ensure optimal performance 3. Store your gel gun safely and away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures 4. Always adhere to safety guidelines, and never aim at or attempt to hit other people while using the gel gun.

Enhancing Your Water-Gun Experience

Make your gel gun activities even more enjoyable by incorporating these tips:

  1. Organize and participate in group games or relay races to enhance social interaction and competition 2. Use high-quality gel ammo for longer and more accurate shots 3. Modify or upgrade your gel gun for additional customization and better performance 4. Experiment with different water-gun challenges or settings to create a unique and exciting experience.


What is a gel gun?

A gel gun is a type of toy gun that operates using gel instead of conventional projectiles such as pellets or bullets. The gel used in these guns is generally soft, non-toxic, and safe for use by children and adults alike. They are designed for recreational purposes and can be used for a variety of activities, including target practice and outdoor games.

One of the key benefits of using a gel gun is that the gel ammunition is less likely to cause injury to people or damage property compared to standard projectile-based toys. Additionally, gel guns are often more environmentally friendly, as the gel is biodegradable and has minimal impact on the environment.


Are gel guns safe to use?

Yes, gel guns are generally considered safe when used properly. The gel ammunition used in these guns is soft and non-toxic, making them less likely to cause injury to people or damage property compared to traditional projectile-based toys. However, it is essential to follow safety guidelines and use them responsibly, as with any toy.

To ensure safe use, gel guns should be aimed only at targets and never at people. Users should also wear protective eyewear to prevent any potential eye injuries. Additionally, children should be supervised while using gel guns to ensure they understand the safe use of these products and avoid any accidents.

What are some popular gel gun games?

There are many popular games that can be played with gel guns, making them a versatile choice for outdoor fun. Some of the most popular games include:

  1. Capture the Flag, where teams compete to capture the opposing team’s flag while defending their own;
  2. Gel Gun Tag, where players attempt to tag their opponents by hitting them with gel balls;
  3. Elimination, where players must avoid being hit by gel balls and try to eliminate their opponents by hitting them; and 4) Stealth, where players are tasked with locating and tagging hidden opponents while avoiding detection themselves.

These are just a few examples of games that can be played with gel guns, but the possibilities are virtually endless. Gel gun enthusiasts can easily create their own games or adapt existing ones to suit their preferences and the specific requirements of their group or event. The key is to have fun and be creative!


What types of gel ammunition are available for gel guns?

Gel ammunition for gel guns typically comes in various shapes and sizes, depending on the specific model of gel gun and the desired gameplay experience. Some common types of gel ammunition include:

  1. standard gel balls, which are the most common and versatile type of ammunition;
  2. gel suction cups, which can be used to create unique gameplay situations, such as a game of Stick It where players must stick their opponents to a surface;
  3. gel foam darts, which are designed for use with gel gun dart blasters and can provide a more challenging gameplay experience by increasing the distance and accuracy required to hit a target; and 4) gel water balloons, which can be used to add a splash of fun to gel gun games.

In general, gel ammunition for gel guns is designed to be soft, safe, and environmentally friendly, making them an excellent choice for recreational activities. It is essential to use genuine gel ammunition, as counterfeit or poorly made ammunition can potentially cause damage to gel guns and pose safety risks.

What is the best way to clean and maintain a gel gun?

Proper cleaning and maintenance of a gel gun are essential for ensuring its safe and efficient operation. To clean and maintain a gel gun, follow these steps:

  1. Remove any remaining gel residue from the barrel and other parts of the gun using a soft cloth or brush;
  2. Inspect the gun for any signs of damage or wear, such as cracks or chips, and repair or replace any damaged parts as necessary;
  3. Apply a small amount of lubricant, such as gun oil, to the moving parts of the gun to reduce friction and help prevent corrosion;
  4. Store the gel gun in a dry, cool place when not in use to prevent rust and maintain its optimal performance.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of a gel gun will help prolong its lifespan and ensure a safe, enjoyable experience for users. It is essential to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance, as different gel guns may have specific requirements or recommendations for their upkeep.

What are some important safety tips when using a gel gun?

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience when using a gel gun, follow these safety tips:

  1. Always aim the gel gun only at targets and never at people;
  2. Use protective eyewear to prevent any potential eye injuries;
  3. Never shoot gel ammunition at pets or other animals, as it may cause injury or discomfort;
  4. Keep the gel gun and gel ammunition away from children and unsupervised individuals to prevent accidents;
  5. Always follow local laws and regulations regarding the use of gel guns and gel ammunition; and 6) Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe and proper use of the gel gun and gel ammunition.

By following these safety tips, gel gun users can enjoy a fun and engaging outdoor activity while minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries. It is essential to prioritize safety when using any type of toy or recreational equipment, especially when dealing with potential projectiles like gel ammunition.

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